Charity Concert by Mar’yana Sadowskaya (Germany)

On December 4, 2017, in the Russian Drama Theater, a charity concert was held to rescue the life of the Mykolayiv’s fighter Ivan Semenyuk, the world-famous Ukrainian singer Mariana Sadovska, with the program “The Night is Just Beginning”. I apologize for some of the low-quality moments of the video – there was not enough lighting for the scene for remote shooting.

41-year-old IVAN SEMENYUK from the village of Berizaki, Kryvyi Ozersky district of Mykolayiv region, volunteered to the front, hiding a serious illness. One year defended the Homeland, consisting of 28 brigades, receiving daily pain medications. After demobilization, the disease is aggravated and he is in the hospital. He urgently needs 4 to 8 courses of chemotherapy with the drug addict firm Takeda total cost of one course of 6 thousand euros. Money from a family that brings up two underage children does not live, they only live on two disability pensions, everything they could (house, land, farm) has long been sold. Who can help the hero – bank details of the Public Organization (NGO) :

ГО «Асоціації учасників та інвалідів АТО»:                                                                Код ЄДРПОУ – 40774065

Розрахунковий рахунок – 26008010024748                                                              МФО – 307770

Банк – «А-БАНК»                                                                                                  Призначення платежу – Для Семенюка Івана Андрійовича

(NGO Association of Participants and Disabled ATO:                                                  Code of the USREOU – 40774065

Current account – 26008010024748                                                                                MFO – 307770

Bank – “A-BANK”                                                                                                    Purpose of payment – For Semeniuk Ivan Andreevich)

Tel. for communication: 0666121603 Semenyuk Anna Vasil’evna, wife of Ivan1234567891011121314151617181920

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