Concert in memory of the poet Yuriy Grosman

On Sunday, January 22, 2017 in the music room of the Art Museum V.V. Vereshchagin was held the 5th meeting of the season 28 of the Pushkin club, devoted to the memory of the club board member, head of litobedineniya (lithO) “Zarya”, the poet Yuriy Grosman (1935-2016). Evening led of Nadezhda Shchedrova, the current head of lithO “Zarya”. At the event were children from a model theater of the word “Darunok neba” Vitovsky area (head Victor Smirnov), members litO “Zarya”, the poet’s daughter Ella Y. Mironova, singing the words of Yu. Grosman made Honoured Artist of Ukraine Alexander Sychev, shows video presentations Yu . Grossman.0Yuriy Grosman recording


Nadezhda Shchedrova

3Ella Mironova

 Children from a model theater of the word “Darunok neba”

 Alla Druschtits

78Valeriy Faliov

9Alexander Sychev

 Luidmila Chichenina

11Tamara Schelova

12Photo for memory

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