Ascension of Nikolay Troyanov


December 16, 2015, Mykolaiv Troyanov turned 94 years old. By that date, the studio Mykolaiv Regional State TV and Radio Company has created a film “Nikolay Trojanov. Fate”. The idea of the film – Jaroslav Indikov, script authors – Victor  Zavizion and Julia Boydenko, director – Victor Zavizion. The film is dedicated to Nikolay Troyanov, actor, playwright, Honored Artist of Georgia, artistic director Mykolaiv Folk Drama Theater, honorary citizen of the city of Mykolaiv, an honorary member of the Mykolaiv Pushkin club.

December 20, 2015, I showed to Nikolay Troyanov this film in his house, and took the hand (I apologize for the quality!) one of the last video. Take the time and look at the amazing reaction of Nikolay Troyanov in the movie, which summarizes his life. Many thanks to the creators of the film!

Christ, in the old style, was raised on the Annunciation, March 25, 31 A.D. and 40 days after the Resurrection, May 3, 31 A.D. He ascended to His Father in Heaven. Since then, 40 days commemorate the dead and pray for them, for this day the Lord God decides the fate of their souls. By a strange coincidence, Nikolay Trojanov passed away March 25, 2016, and 40 days later he is executed May 3, 2016. He lived a long, meaningful and above all, humble and conscientious life – pray for him God and wish that he I offered him the Kingdom of Heaven!

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