Speech by Nicholaev regional radio 08.14.2014: Where are the Cimmerians, Scythians, Sarmatians?

Pedigree Homer is a vivid illustration of how the Cimmerian race was renamed the Royal Scythians. Twin brothers Homer and Achilles were born of the same father and mother, but Achilles is already considered a Scythian, and Homer took this name as the eponym of the Cimmerian tribe in order to fix this kind of transition from the Cimmerian to the Scythian. And his son Homer and Cleopatra initially named Hyl, in honor of his land Hylaea (Forestry). A year before his death, October 28, 592 BC, Cleopatra gave power Hyl son and rename it to the Scyth. Since that time became known as Scythia Hylaea.

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