Speech by Nicholaev regional radio 14.08.2014: On the Greek colonization of the Northern Black Sea coast.

The main thesis of speech is as follows.
Yes, the artifacts found in the northernBlack Seacoast,
clearly indicate the presence here of Greek culture.
But by themselves, these artifacts are not talking about
Aboriginal (Cimmerians and Scythians) to this culture.
It is believed, for example, that all the city with the Greek culture were
founded and built by the ancient Greeks as colonizers.
But, was it really? This could confirm or
deny only the natives, but they did not have at the time
writing. Herodotus information contained in his “History”
it is also the voice of the Greeks, who believed Aboriginal barbarians.
The discovery of hidden text “barbarians” in lapidary inscriptions,
found in the northernBlack Seacoast, as well as in the epics, hymns
myths and radically change the look at this process.

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