N.А. Troyanov – 95 years, a memorial evening!

In the Sunday, December 25, 2016, at 14 h., in the music room of the Art Museum V.V. Vereshchagin was held the 4th meeting of the 28th season of the Pushkin club, devoted to the 95th anniversary of Nikolay Troyanov (1921-2016). At the party were shown a video reading them the last of his poem “Socrates”, as a spiritual testament! Statements were made by the pupils of his popular theatre. Son N.A. Troyanov Alexei Troyanov, presented the books to a club, published by his father during his lifetime and chandelier with candles.

1Alexey Troyanov

2Gifts club from Alexey Troyanov

34Alexey and Tatiana Troyanov’s

5Valeriy Faliov

6Nataly Shevchenko

7Serg Butenko


Tatiana German

9Alexander Berezanskiy

 Anatoliy Kupchinskiy

 Photographer Igor Gorbatenko

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