Website of Pushkin Club

Nikolaev Pushkin club was founded October 19, 1989 at Nikolaev Regional Art Museum of  V.V. Verschagin.

Club meetings are held monthly in the music room of the museum from September to May, in the 4th Sunday of every month, for 26 th season.

Since 1999, the webmaster Igor Gorbatenko was launched a website Pushkin Club at the company “Farlep” at:

Regularly current information on the website updated with the beginning of 2005. From April 2010 to the present time in 2015 each meeting

Club videotaped. Webmaster on YouTube channel is open, which until the end of 2014 represented

131 video of the life of the club. In December 2014 the hosting company “Farlep” closed. In this regard, the history of the site Pushkin Club

stored on my personal site “Homer and Atlantis” in “Pushkin” – “Pushkin club.” In the future, all the information about

Pushkin Club will be highlighted on the site “Homer and Atlantis” under “News” and “Pushkin“.