Creative evening of the violin Elena Pidlubna

February 25, 2018, in the musical hall of the Art Museum named after him. V.V. Vereshchagin took part in the creative evening of the violinists of the chamber ensemble “ARS NOVA” of Elena Pidlubnaya. The evening was led by Olga Sytnik, who presented her girlfriend with a chamber ensemble and piano accompaniment, a student of the 4th year of the Odessa conservatory, of Andrey Karatay. In addition, Olga Sitnik read poems in front of each issue, including Tetyana Teren, mother of Elena Pidlubnaya. In the evening the works of I.S. Bach, F. Chopin, J. Massneau, T. Albinoni, H. Almeyda-Frolov, J. Van Hughes, J. Stein, M. Skoryk.Video editing by Andrei Karatay.


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