Ukraine – soul and heart of the Europe!

For more than 30 years I am engaged in research on a life and creativity of the Homer. Results of scientific researchers are stated on my site « The Homer and Atlantis » and open for discussion. Today’s events in Ukraine have forced me, advancing a recognition of my researches, to write this article. After visiting Euro Maydan (Square) in Kiev ex chairman of Euro Parliament Ezhy Buzek has noticed, that « heart of the Europe now fights in Ukraine ». Also, it is the truth, Ukraine territorially is in the center of the Europe. But, I wish to inform the world community that Ukraine is a soul of the Europe. Creation of the European Union and aspiration of Ukraine to enter it is a cyclic returning to the Atlantic page of the history of the Europe in 3460 years.

Cucuteni-Trypillian archeologic culture 4000-3000 BC was replaced between the rivers Danube and Dnepr in Romania and Ukraine. On change Trypillian – the common name of Bronze Age civilizations of Greece around the Aegean Sea. There are three distinct but communicating and interacting geographic regions covered by this term: оn islands of Aegean sea, Crete, in continental Greece and Asia Minor has come to 3000-1000 BC Aegean. But, these data are not quite exact, as territorially cover only a part of the given culture. Today Aegean the civilization should be renamed in Atlantian and to include in it the Black sea and Northern Black Sea Coast. Actually, it was the first European state incorporated by developed ship communications over which supervised Cimmerian-Atlantes. Heracles columns settled down in Bosporus. Atlantis was in Crimea (in the area of Evpatoria), was lost from a huge wave of a tsunami and earthquake after the explosion of volcano Santorini in 1447 BC. It was found out, that a sort Cimmerian Targitaus, his son the Aristeas of Prokonnesus (Arpoxais), the great-grandson of the Homer and his sons of the Scythian and Anacharsis were descendants Atlantes. These legends passed from father to son. Besides the Homer of 7 years in Egypt collected data about Atlantis. The Homer informs, that priests have warned about the accident for 4 days, and 10 notable sorts by 10 ships have left Atlantis. They have founded a city which Homer in «Odyssey» has named Alybas («a dead phyle») and has placed in Hades. Nowadays the city of Atlantes is dug out by archeologists in the city of Nikolaev (Ukraine) and as archeologic monument XIII-IX centuries BC. Has received the name in a place of it’s « the Wild Garden ». Remembering ancestors Atlantian, Cimmerian tsar Targitaus has led the tribe dead Alybas and besides 753 BC has founded on August, 7th. three cities (in Nikolaev): Olbia-1, Boreas (Borysthenit) and Nison.

You ask whence these data? I shall answer – from the latent verses of ancient greek texts of «Illiad», «Odyssey», Hymns of the Homer, Hesiod (it is a pseudonym of the Homer), «Argonautica» of Appolonius Rodossky (it is plagiarism of the Homer), «Batrachomyomachia» of Anacharsis, Platon’s Dialogues «Critias» and «Timaeus» (are made by the Homer and Anacharsis). But, the most powerful proof told above were results of the application of a technique of reading of the latent verses in ancient greek epose and myths to decode the latent texts in 1072 lapidary inscriptions on marble slabs (it only a part from available in different museums of the world!). All monuments are found by archeologists last 200 years. I emphasize, not in the Ancient Greece, and in Northern Black Sea Coast. The open ancient greek and latin texts on these plates read experts, but they had no neither authorships nor concrete dates. As it was found out clear texts were written for the sake of hidden and consequently they in the majority have no that historical value which it today attribute. The allocated latent texts in 1072 monuments have allowed to determine in them exact dates of creation and to divide them between five authors: Aristeas of Prokonnesus (23 monuments), the Homer (477), Achilles (89), the Scythes (61) and Anacharsis (422). I emphasize are the autographs which translate their founders from the category mythical in historic figures! Thus, founders of the European culture were Cimmerian and Scythians (dates BC): Aristeas of Prokonnesus (11.02.734-25.08.640), the Homer (14.09.657-28.07.581), Achilles (15.09.657-8.10.609), the Scythes (16.09.638-11.02.582) and Anacharsis (8.09.620-11.09.513). The Homer was the last Cimmerian, and his brother-twin Achilles and his sons considered itself already as Scythians. All of them, except for Anacharsis, were born in the city of Olbia-1 (Nikolaev). Anacharsis (Telemachus), recognized by one of Wise men of the Ancient Greece, was born during 35 years exiles of the Homer and his sort from Hylaea, in the city of Elay (nowadays Seddulbakhir, Turkey). This city the ancestor of their sort, Cimmerian Targitay, on June, 4th, 750 and has founded the first 100 years it referred to Cimmerida.

With scientific articles about autograph Achilles and five autographs of the Homer, with his immanent biography, it is possible to familiarize with a site « The Homer and Atlantis ». On a site already enough substantiations, the discovery stated there today are resulted. The latent texts of all of 1072 autographs prepare now for the edition in the form of the three-volume Directory. They represent diary records of five listed persons of the Archaic period of transitive Cimmerian-Scythian history (776-513 BC). From these records follows, that history Scythia in this time also is indissolubly connected with the history of the Ancient Greece, as well as in days of Atlantis. Cimmerian tsar, and oligarch, and the poet (Orpheus) Aristeas of Prokonnesus, being in 19 years the expelled father from Hylaea. On August, 13th 707 BC has been elected in structure 9 archons-governors of the Ancient Greece and up to the end of days was a part Prytaneis in Athens, as the Greek colonist. Precisely as well his descendants, tsars from a sort of the Homer were a part Prytaneis. They have founded 3 cities in Hades (Targitaus), and also Olbia-2 (Cleopatra, Achilles), to the Tyras (Leipoxais, Maya), Chersonese (Anacharsis), Eupator-Kerkinítis (Colaxais-Atlantes), Feodosiya (Aristeas of Prokonnesus), Panticapaeum (Maya, the grandmother of the Homer) and there invited Greeks. Cities were under construction on the money obtained from the sale of grain. Ancient greek colonization has been initiated Cimmerians and Scythians.

The Homer his grandson, Scythian tsar, pupil Anacharsis, Idanthyrsus, crushed has glorified half of hugest (700 thousand) Armies Darius in Scythia. As a matter of fact, this victory he has rescued Antique Greece from enthralment by Persians. In the further already with the weakened Persians Greeks and have consulted. Recently one employee of the American popular scientific television program «Discovery» discussed with me a question on creation of the film, Scythian of tsar Idantirs devoted to a victory over Darius. And so, he has asked: and what would be if Darius has won Scythia? I have answered him, that there would be no ancient art in such free kind what it was to the Europe. He has there and then reflected, and in the answer has noticed: precisely, there would be no Alexander the Great and his victorious campaigns. To this, I have added, that there would be no destruction of his commander of Zopyrion in 331 BC at walls of fortress Olbio-2. It was found out, that Olbio-2 (village Parutine) it has been constructed with the money of oligarch Aristeas of Prokonnesus by the sister of the Homer, Cleopatra, for 33 years. In 4 years after her destruction in 591 BC fortifications from the river have completed her son the Scythes with the father the Homer. Olbia-2 has existed from last quarter VII BC to IV century CE Imperial Scythians and Sarmatians were descendants of the Homer, they revered his memory. Bright acknowledgment to it is Scythian Pectoral IV century BC, in which center the Homer and his descendant in the 6-th knee, the Scythian tsar Ateas, holding a gold fleece – a symbol of imperial authority is represented. Even longer, than Olbia-2, the city of Chersonesus in Crimea, founded by the son of the Homer, Anacharsis, in 1-st quarter VI BC has existed. In this city renamed in Korsun’, on June, 8th 988 the Kiev prince Vladimir has accepted a christening and has there and then got married to the Byzantine tsarina Anna. I shall notice, that the Christianity before existed 8 centuries in cities of the south of the Kiev Rus, founded it come from the Homer. It is necessary to accept its northern part of the state confess pagan. That is, the south of present Ukraine, where was Atlantis, always was a part of the Europe.

Communication of the western Europe with the states and people which are settled down in the territory of present Ukraine never interrupted. According to the old Russian annals of « The Primary Chronicle » Kiev has been founded in V century CE three brothers Kiy, Shchek and Khoryv with their sister Lybid. The passing on three first a name suggests that their names were eponymous of three peoples, which have founded city: Kiy – Scythians, Shchek – Czech, and Khoryv – Croats. Lybid – a cleanly Slavic name also personified this northern person, Scythians were southern people. The Kiev Rus’ as the state, has arisen in the territory of two tribes the Drevlians and Polans in VII-VIII centuries CE. Its basis in 862 connects with names Varyags Riurik. From my researches «The Tale of Igor’s Campaign» it was found out, that Riurik there was no foreigner. He was born in city Turov 816 March, 25th. His father was a Byzantine of an imperial sort Tur, and mother was Slavic Valentina Igorevna, the daughter of Slavic prince of Igor Davidovich. The Kiev Rus’ was in dynastic communications with such countries of the Europe as France, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Norway, Byzantium, etc.

After a christening Vladimir, and then Jaroslav Mudriy (Yaroslav the Wise), have headed for the creation of own church, which are distinct from Byzantine. The main engine of this ideology became daughter Anna from the Roman emperor Otton II, which has received name Nika, from the Byzantine emperors, and Irina – from Roman. Later Vladimir has given to her a name of Sofia in connection with that during the exile (1002-1008) she has finished one of the European universities. At her from Vladimir 997 son Ilarion (Nikon Great in a nunhood) in the day of memory Bojan, the Bulgarian tsar, was born on March, 28th. Ilarion, the grandson Roman and the Byzantine emperors, son Vladimir, became the founder of the culture of the Kiev Russia. He creates « The Word about the Law and Good fortune », as the national liturgy adapted for performance in a cathedral of Sacred Sofia. Together with the mother he has developed, the architectural project of the not initial cathedral has created 88 most important icons in this cathedral, as the icon painter, including the Virgin Orans, as a portrait of Nika-Irina-Sofia. In 6 years after the death of the mother, Ilarion as metropolitan has executed in it « The Word of the Law and Good fortune » on September, 4th, 1031. It is a unique case in the history of the European culture, that one person has developed the project, has painted the basic icons, has created an original liturgy and it has executed in this cathedral. Ilarion has put in pawn bases of the annals in « The Primary Chronicle » in the form of services from a cycle of daily divine service, which have continued his son Nestor, Silvestor and Cyril Turovskoj. So, today Kiev arch the Hypatian Codex can be executed, as continuous divine service. Liturgy the literature has reached the highest development in Cyril Turovsky’s (1101-1208) products. He has created « The Tale of Igor’s Campaign » (“Slovo o polku Igorevim” – “Slovo”) in a genre of secular divine service. In it, the secular contents have been enclosed in the form of service of the nightlong vigil with Lity, in which music of all church chanting and a ceremonial part were the church. As a matter of fact, it was protoopera, created for 400 years up to the first Italian opera. For its execution Svjatoslav Terrible Kievskiy has created near to Sofia Kiev (and present Maidan) special chambers. Under the request Kievian «Slovo» was executed from March, 25th till April, 3rd, 1187, in honor of 371-st anniversary Great Rurik, born for the Lady day. There was a snow winter, chambers did not contain all interested persons, and people stood around of chambers, and singers left to them on lity. Sang princes have not become hoarse yet, including the first days were sung by 86-years prince Cyril Turovskoj. Then Cyril has traveled with the monastic chorus on the Kiev Russia, executing « Slovo ». In my book of « Secret of « the Slovo » the whole chapter is devoted to the restoration of the script of the first statement « Slovo », as protoopera. Music of church chanting is not has reached up to now, but it is possible to take advantage of modern tunes for the Charter Great Constantinople churches operates till now. Taking an opportunity, I address to our outstanding composer Valentine Silvestrov with the request, – write music to « Slovo », and it will be a hymn of a unification of Ukraine with 800 years history. As is known, rise and development of a culture of the Kiev Russia it has been stopped for 250 years by the Tatar-Mongolian yoke. And again the Europe, as well as in days of Darius, has been rescued including by the Kiev Russia from this invasion.

And, at last, nobody will deny, that the present state Ukraine is an heiress of the Kiev Rus’ and Zaporizhian Sich. Though the Ukrainian nation youngish, but the memory of people of the past eternal because it is stored at a subconscious level. The overwhelming part of the data resulted here is yet known not only Ukrainian but also to all world. But, pay attention, Ukrainian people operates in full conformity with the last history.

The Homer writes that memory about Atlantis passed from father to son during 800 years. Dion Chrisostomus in 700 years when Greece has started to forget the Homer, having visited Olbia-2 (village Parutine) in 95 CE, writes in «Borysthenite speeche» Olbiopolites: «…except for the Homer about anybody the friend do not wish to speak and listen. Though they it is Greek speak not absolutely already purely owing to that life among barbarians, but all the same almost everyone know «Illiad» by heart ». Today it is clear, that this love has been caused by that the Homer for them was their fellow countryman, but Dion Chrisostomus has held back it. The small arms of Ukraine trident is a heraldic sign on the founder of the Kiev Rus’ Rurik (816-879) and it too is the certificate of memory on the Atlantic past. Trident – in the Greek mythology a scepter of the sea god Poseidon, which was the ancestor Atlantian. Zaporizhian Sich on the organization actually was memoirs of Ukrainian people on the democratic life in days of Atlantis, Homeric Cimmeria-Scythia, and the Kiev Rus’. The majority of lapidary monuments words «contain people has solved», «people has decided», and the Kiev veche is noted by annals. The ship of argonauts of the Argo was the same lung, as well as cossack the seagull. The Homer won Achilles competition on the speed of carrying out of the ship on the coast. The Zaporizhian cossacks carried Chuprynas, as the father of the Homer the Lyck and his teacher Aristeas of Prokonnesus. Moreover, the in itself name fortified cities Proconnesus (island Marmara), constructed by oligarch Aristeas at own expense in 675 BC, it is allegorically translated as “bang”. Deeply symbolically and that, first three parts of a poem published in 1798 Eneida (Aeneid) by I. Kotliarevsky as the first monument of the new Ukrainian literature in the modern language, concern to the hero of the Troyan war described by the Homer. A.S. Pushkin in article « About Russian history of XVIII century » wrote, that Ekaterina II «… has enslaved free Ukraine and the Polish provinces ». When Pushkin has been banished to the south in 1820-1824, he has written down in Nikolaev a prophetical joke story in the Ukrainian language: « Once Potyomkin dissatisfied of the Zaporozhian Cossacks, has told to one of them: «Are you know, Khokhlachy, what at me in Nikolaev such belltower is under construction, what as begin to call on it, so in Zaporizhian Sich it will be audible? “-” it not a miracle, – answered Zaporozhian Cossack, – at us in Zaporizhian Sich is such Kobzars (an itinerant Ukrainian bard, who sang to his own accompaniment), which if will play, so even in Petersburg will dance »…

Maydan 2013 is a subconscious reproduction by the Ukrainian people of the Kiev veche of XII century. People send on Kiev Maydan under the disturbing sound of bells St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery after night beating on November, 30th militia « Berkut (Golden eagle) » of defenseless children. Students and youth peacefully protested against president Yanukovych, who has disappointed their hopes and has not signed the agreement on occurrence in the European Union. During elections Yanukovich promised « to hear everyone », and now does not wish to hear millions. The answer of people (not parties!) on it there was spontaneous creation Maydan. In a month of the standing of people on Maydan, it’s precise and democratic self-organizing quite reproduces Zaporizhian Sich XVI centuries. Each hour of a day all the month long, day and night, Maydan executes a hymn of the country. Behind this, there is a statement of the political nation. Thus, however, it is necessary to remember, that any nation affirms only on the basis of truthful knowledge of the history, what awful it would not be. There were such « politics » who tried to remove from a hymn the first words « has not died yet Ukraine and glory, and will », as pessimistic. This cannot be done because it too the certificate of historical memory of people about Hades of the Homer, about Atlantis, about Trypillian culture, about a radical basis of Ukrainian people. Souls human do not die, they live together with us. About it, about historical memory, glory of Ukraine, Ukrainian prophet Taras Shevchenko in the friendly message speaks: « Both dead, and alive, and to not born my fellow countrymen in Ukraine and not in Ukraine… ».

Maidan is a peace revolt of Ukrainian people, which ancestors have put in pawn basis of development of the Ancient art of theEurope. In due course Maidan it can be organized in the All-Ukrainian movement of non-party citizens, for each of which the fair name should become sense to a life. It should operate in all areas ofUkraine, Cities, Regions, and villages. The main task of such movement to become the moral authority of people and the spokesman of its moral estimations. Such structure can approach our society to on-line of the control of any authority elected by people. And the further necessity to bring Maidan in the Constitution (L. Podervjansky) so that its decision it was possible to withdraw any who has been elected by people. In all tests, people of Ukraine can rescue only independence, self-esteem and truthful knowledge of own history. Sooner or later people will achieve a change of authority and inclusion ofUkrainein structure of the European union. And it will be the act of historical revival in 3460 years of the first European state what actually was the most ancient Atlantis.

On December, 25th 2013

Nikolaev, Ukraine                                                                                                                                                                             Anatoliy Zolotukhin, the descendant of Rurik in 31 knees.

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