This site is created with the purpose of the acquaintance of world community with a course of new scientific researches mainly connected with a life and creativity of the Homer. Inclusion in the name of site Atlantis is caused by that the basic source of data about Atlantis and its destructions has appeared a family of the Homer. Members of kin Targitaus, great-grandfather of the Homer, counted themselves as descendants Atlantes and transmitted data on it from a generation in generations. Besides the Homer has led 7 years in Egyptian searches of data about Atlantis. So, today it is possible to approve according to the Homer, that Atlantis was in Crimea in the area of Evpatoria. It was lost as a result of the explosion of volcano Santorini, and the place and the date of explosion specified by the Homer, coincide with island Fera (nowadays Thera) and with date (1450±100 BC), installed by scientists on the basis of the radiocarbon analysis. Atlantis has washed off a huge tsunami and, possibly, all this was accompanied by the most powerful earthquake. The Homer writes, that priests in advance have forecast destruction of Atlantis and 10 families by the ships managed to be saved, having got over on Kinburn spit. Then they have founded a city on the territory of the present city of Nikolaev (Ukraine). About excavation of this city (it is named “the Wild Garden” in a place of its arrangement), which Homer has named Alibas (« Phyla of deads »), read in section «Atlantis». The Homer has named its city dead and, for this reason, has placed here Hades. And besides the radiocarbon analysis of artifacts from the settlement has confirmed «the Wild Garden», that this city has ceased to exist (XIII-IX BC) two centuries prior to a birth here the Homer 657 BC.

The starting moment for researchers of the author was the discovery made by Heinrich Schliemann  (1822-1890). It was necessary Schliemann to believe to the Homer and he has found Troy there where nobody searched for it. Russian academician K.M. Ber per 1877 wrote that Odysseus floated in Black sea, instead of in the Mediterranean sea. He has specified on Balaklava as on bay Laestrygonians and has noted, that Scylla and Charybdis were in passage Bosporus. At last, known encyclopaedist Alexey Losev has written the first, close to a reality, the biography of the Homer in the middle of the last century. On the basis of the textual analysis, in it, he has specified two major circumstances. First, that time of a life of the Homer earlier, than is considered to be (VII century instead of IX century). Secondly, has specified that the Homer is the immanent author. It means, that all can be gathered data on him only from his products. However at this A.F. Losev has not specified how to realize this property in practice.

In 2001 in Nikolaev my book « Homer. The immanent biography (Theses) » has been published. The belief is put in its basis, first of all, that all the events described in navigation Odysseus, carry not only historical but also autobiographical character. In itself, name «Odysseus» has allegoric translation  « It I am ». All other realities of navigation too were covering of the same sort by allegories which, as is known, make an essence and the contents of a mythological genre, an alternative to which at that time was not. For example, the city of Ithaca has allegoric translation « My dwelling ». Meanwhile, because of direct perusal of texts today on island Ithaca search for the house of Odysseus. In this book, it is restored to a way navigations Odysseus and as the award for it in 1984 has been found out in a study of local lore museum of Batumi the gold youth light-fixture described by the Homer in Odyssey. In a Batumi was Scheria, in the palace of Alcinous with which stood such youth light-fixtures. The Homer has appeared extremely exact in the description of travel Odysseus. He has given basic the indication on which it is possible to calculate real speed of navigation of the ships at that time (for 5 days his ships have reached from Crete to Alexandria Egyptian). From here to him was to specify enough time or number of days of navigation from one object to another that it was possible to find it in radius from initial object. Moreover, he has supplied some objects such names to which cannot find alternatives. For example, he has named island of Aialaiy “floating”. The island Zmeiny (Snake) and nowadays is on a shallow shelf near to a mouth of Danube and when waters of the river direct to it the full impression of is made that the island floats. The key moment was the indication that current in Bosporus during navigation Odysseus was the return present, i.e. from Mediterranean sea in Black. This circumstance has led to formation huge Charybdis (“whirlpool”) which today is not observed. To me, as to the expert, nothing remains how to confirm experimentally, in house conditions on the fine water, indications of the Homer and to find a real site of the whirlpool in a passage. Actually, here it is necessary to lead more scale experiment in which it would be possible to investigate the self-oscillatory process arising during cyclic action Charybdis, described precisely enough the Homer in «Odyssey». Generally speaking, proofs of correctness of the Homer it is collected so much, that they are in itself it is enough to reject all doubts about an invention. But, theses in the scientific plan cannot replace with themselves detailed scientific researchers. Though already at a level of their creation it was possible to find out chronology which the Homer (657-581 BC), and to restore 8 basic stages in his life with an establishment of exact places where he lived, and also dates of a birth and death.

Stated above, speaks that, the account of allegorical meaning in the description of events in works of the Homer, demands to concern to them in the scientific plan absolutely differently, than to studying mythology. Here the meticulous textual analysis with the allocation of a different sort of attributes, with the subsequent system analysis and comparison to real objects is necessary. It will allow creating finally the made comments edition of products of the Homer as it is made, for example, for «History» of Herodotus. I have started the decision of this problem in 2007, trying to write the book « Homer. The immanent biography », which 1-st volume should the second is devoted to « the Analysis of texts », and second – « Realities of a life ». The system of indexation of a different sort of attributes has been developed. For this purpose so that they could be found in the ancient greek primary source. By and large, the science should begin with this about the Homer specialist in literature, but in fact, it is not present till now?! In particular, tables biographic, temporary, geographical, geophysical, ethnic, astronomical, concerning to the ships, and symbolical (names) attributes have been made. After drawing up of tables of symbolical attributes in 2008, in them, the latent texts of the autobiographical contents began to be read. It has considerably changed the initial statement of a problem for in this case it became necessary to write already, at least, the three-volume book «Homer. The curriculum vitae». In it, 2-nd volume should be allocated to the latent verses, as to quite an independent section of the Curriculum vitae.

It is found out, that the Homer did not sign any product because in any, even the smallest hymn, autobiographical data in the latent verses, copyrights protecting him contained. It has appeared, that  Hesiod did not exist, for it was the Greek pseudonym of the Homer, the barbarian on the origin. «Argonautica» Apollonius Rhodes is plagiarism. Fortunately, he has simply attributed to itself authorship and has not touched texts in which the latent verses of the Homer contain. As is known, data about Atlantis, placed in Plato’s “Dialogues” (427-347 BC) «Critias» and «Timaeus», have got to him from his ancestor of Solon (635-559 BC). And so it has appeared, that in them the latent verses of the Homer and his son of the Telemachus-Anacharsis (620-513 BC), from which follows, that Solon has demanded from Anacharsis to remove from these data a name of the Homer, as the author. Besides, he has forced to change time and spatial scales of Crimea that it has not been recognized in them Scythia.

That who will be critical to concern to the author and accommodation here on a site, devoted Atlantis and to the Homer, materials on «The  secrets of «Slovo o polku Igoreve» (monographic researches) Cyril Turovsky (1101-1208), « Words about the Law and Good fortune » of Ilarion-Nikon (997-1088), to a life and A.S.Pushkin’s (1799-1837) creativity. I shall answer, that all of them are connected among themselves, equally, as well as with the Bible, allegorical meaning, i.e. containing in them the latent information. I shall notice, that in the world literature there is no other source deciphering a code of access to latent verses, except for « Slovo o polku Igoreve». Without this code, I would not manage to reach the latent verses in the Old testament and in products of the Homer. They simply would remain not noticed. And that I could capture this all together and to connect together is not differently, as the God’s Divine. Other explanation as the scientist, excuse me, I can not find. I declare openly, that I am not the diplomaed philologist and, nevertheless, it has not prevented to me is system, as to the engineer and the scientist, to approach to development of a new direction in philology, i.e. to reading the latent verses in ancient texts by the rules, which are distinct from reading of clear texts. I shall notice, that the Homer in the latent verses has finally confirmed many of the assumptions stated by me in the book « Homer. The immanent biography » when I yet had no representation about them. So, for example, in the book done the latent verses in the text which have been written down on a so-called stone of Mastor, it’s found by Skadovskiy on island Berezan’ in 1900. In it are specified dates of a birth and death of the Homer. And so, the Homer in the latent verses «Odyssey» has directly specified that he has made this lapidary monument itself and has charged date of the death to put the son to the Telemachus, owned technics of drawing up of latent verses.

One more God’s Divine out became opening by me in August 2012, of the latent verses in inscriptions more, than in 1000 lapidary monuments found by archeologists in Northern Black Sea Coast within last 200 years. Two scientific articles on this theme are prepared: « The letter of Achilles on the lead plate which was found on the island of Berezan’» and « The Pantheon latent versus of the Homer of five lapidary monuments of island Berezan’ ». Now me the book « Autographs of the Aristeas of  Proconnesus, Homer, Achilles, Hyllus-Scythes and Telemachos-Anacharsis in 1067 inscriptions of Northern Black Sea Coast (The Directory of the latent texts of inscriptions) » prepares for the edition. In total it is found autographs: 23 – of the Aristeas of Proconnesus (734-640); 477 – the Homer (657-581); 89 – the Achilles (657-609); 61 – the Hyllus-Scythes (638-582) and 422 – the Telemachos-Anacharsis (620-513). The dates resulted in latent verses of lapidary inscriptions and epos of the Homer, coincide to within one day. I hope, that from the publication of this book, verification, as historic figures, not only the Homer but also his all kind, since Targitaus (776-696) will begin.

In summary, I shall notice, that the present researches would be absolutely impossible if by this time the Classical Greek texts have been digitized and made available on the website Last 4 years work is conducted above cyclic perfection of reading about 4900 latent verses of the Homer, with gradual approximation an author’s plan. In the latent verses of the conclusion of a hymn « To Apollo, » there is a warning that he and his Muse will damn the one, who will incorrectly transmit a sense of the latent verses. It is necessary to tell, that reading of the latent verses is enough an uneasy task, but their detection considerably changes the agenda of a Homeric question and makes its decision quite real.

Long term work on the history of Ukraine completed the creation of a new historical science – of apokryphologiya. At the beginning of 2017 non-fiction published 10 issues of “Apokryphologiya of history Ukraine”.

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