11th issue “Apocryphalogy history of Ukraine”: “Where was swimming Odysseus? (real evidence) »

ОбклОдис_done2In the continuation of 10 issues of the popular science series “Apocryphalogy History of Ukraine” the 11th issue was published, which is devoted to the key issue of the Ministry of Geography: where was swimming Odysseus?

In issues 11 “Where was swimming Odysseus? (real evidence), “thanks to the complex analysis, the systematic analysis of the ancient Greek text of Homer’s Odyssey systematically analyzed, with more than 200 distinct features: biographical, chronological, archaeological, ethnographic, geophysical, geographic, spatial, temporal, astronomical, ship, symbolic (names). On the basis of the immanent principle of apocryphology, a step-by-step analysis is made of where Odysseus actually swims, the route and chronology are established, and the reality of the existence of all the features mentioned by Homer is confirmed. It is proved that the main part of the swimming was held in Pont (Black Sea). Thanks to the hydrological experiment on the shallow water of the Strait of Bosphorus, a place found in it has found the great faith of Charybda, as well as the Skyla and the Rock of the Plankts. It is proved that Charybda arose due to the current in the Bosphorus in the direction opposite to the present. A model of the self-oscillating process of the Kharibda’s work is developed based on the features that are scientifically precisely defined by Homer. Although the complex analysis of symbolic features allowed to reveal the hidden texts in all the songs of the Odyssey, for evidence, they were not used in principle to prove and without them where Swim Odysseus. It is proved that all the signs noted by Homer in the “Odyssey” correspond to reality.

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