Irina Gudym: “Presentation of books that they do not have…”

February 24, 2019, in the musical salon of the art museum of them. V.V. Vereshchagin was the meeting of the 30th season of the Mykolayiv Pushkin Club dedicated to the work of Iryna Hudym publishing house under the slogan “Presentation of books that they do not have”. Here we mean that today the books come out with such small imprints, which immediately become rarity. The presentation of books of rarities was presented. The authors of the book were: Volodymyr Shchukin, Natalia Kuhar-Onyshko, Arkady Surov, Stepan Chigintsev, Yuriy Lazarenko, brother V. Lazarenko, Nina Kravtsova, Anatoliy Zolotukhin. Musical accompaniment in the author’s performance by Sergey Butenko.


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