ACTION Meeting of the Sunrise in Alibant on August 7, 2017

On Monday, August 7, 2017, 2770 years ago (!) were completed from the date of the foundation of 3 Cimmerian cities on our land: Olbia-1 (Happy), Borea (Northern), and Nison (Sailors)! These cities are founded by the descendants of the Atlanteans, the Cimmerian king Targitae, whose wife was the daughter of Zarathushtra Kleobulina. From them were born the founders of ancient culture, the Cimmerian-Scythian kings Sfeno, Aristey Prokoonesskiy, Kolaksay-Atlant, Hephaestus, Homer, Achilles and Scyth. It is known that the Atlantean main gods were Poseidon and Helios! The emblem of Prokonssus, built by Aristey in 675 BC on the island of the same name in the Sea of Marmara – there was a trident of Poseidon, which today is not accidentally become the small emblem of Ukraine! According to research by archaeologists in the Alibant there were 4 temples, three of which were located on the descent to the river and among them was the Temple of Helios (Sun).

On this occasion, at dawn on August 7, at 5.39. A group of Mykolaiv residents held a rally – meetings of the new day’s sun on a porch near the Alibant (archaeological monument “Wild Garden”). October 8, 2017, will mark 3464 years (!) of the founding of the city to camp Poly Alibantu city of Mykolaiv (corner of Quay Street and Artillery see. Photo on my page on Facebook). According to Homer, 4 days before the death of October 8, 1447, BC Atlantis (was in place at the modern Yevpatoria in the Crimea) priests warned about this, and 10 families Atlantis 10 ships sailed to the modern city of Mykolaiv land and founded the city that Homer called by Alibant. In fact, Homer was born along with an Alibant in Olbia-1. Therefore, in the “Odyssey” (XXIV song, 304 hexameters), proud of its Atlantic origin, the poet wrote: “I am from the Alibant.” As our archaeologists (Grebennikov Yu.S, Gorbenko K.V., Smirnov O.I.), who are investigating the archaeological monument “Wild Garden”, have survived the X-IX centuries. B.C. This was the first wave of urbanization in the land of Mykolaiv. After a century and a half, in 760 BC Targitai Cimmerian king, remembering his Atlantic origin, brought here his tribe and 7 August 753 BC. Alibantu laid around ( “Phil of the dead”) City Olbia-1 in place of the Admiralty – Borey city and the river Near the Broad Beams – the city of Nison. This was the second wave of urbanization Mykolaiv land, and we are the descendants of Atlantis is the third wave of the 1789 note that none of the modern cities of Ukraine is located in the city centre┬ásuch as an ancient monument Alibant how proud Our countryman Homer and his entourage!

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