Announcement of the presentation of the book “Ukraine – the soul and heart of Europe!”


Dear friends!

September 14, 2018, the legendary ancient poet Homer turns 2675 years old! The well-known Mykolayiv public figure, the scientist Anatoliy Ivanovich Zolotukhin published before this date the new book «Ukraine – soul and heart of Europe! (Apocryphology of the history of Ukraine) “.

The meeting with the author and the book-dedication will take place on this day (September 14, 2018) at 18.00 in the Central City Library. M.L. Kropyvnytskyi (143a Potemkinska Street).

Last year, the anniversary of Homer’s birth in the library. M.L. Kropyvnytsky was marked by the presentation of twelve issues of “Apocryphology of the History of Ukraine” A.I. Zolotukhin.

The new book is the zero volume of the multi-volume edition “Apocryphology of the History of Ukraine”, which is a Handbook of hidden texts of the original sources of the history of Antiquity, Christianity and Kievan Rus. A significant difference from last year’s edition of this book is that it introduced new additional materials, sections and most importantly – made the first important conclusions.
During the meeting, the author will tell about the Mykolayiv land, which is the cradle of antiquity and Christianity, will reveal the mystery of Atlantis, will acquaint with real biographies of Cimmerian-Scythian creators of antiquity – Aristeas Prokonnesky, Cleopatra, Homer, Achilles, Scythian, Anacharsis biography, and the founders of the culture of Kievan Rus, Hilarion-Nikon the Great and Kirill Turovsky, the author of “The Tale of Igor’s Campaign“.

The presentation of the book will be accompanied by the musical duo “MAGiA” (violin – Elena Pidlubna, piano – Andrew Karatay).




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