RAINBOW of Irene Tangarova – White Party III

July 14, 2019, in Mykolayiv (district Sukhoi Fontan) on the embankment of the Pier № 8 of the River Station on the initiative of Irina Tangarova was the third public action “A party in white”. According to Irina Tangarova: “The purpose of the event is to get acquainted among active cities, to unite around public initiatives and to give an example of the culture of communication in the public space. When the celebration does not strain the environment, and adorns public places. The main principle of such meetings – a person should be in white clothes and in a good mood, open to communication. It only matters. Want to treat others – be good. Want to read a poem – read. Want to admire the river – here it is)))! A place for open communication and exchange of ideas “.

So, the idea of the action remained unchanged against the first two White Party, the composition of the participants changed slightly, the children increased, but the rotation here works only for the benefit. Iryna Tangarova was very worried that the bad weather did not spoil the mood for the people, and thanks to her prayers unexpectedly a joyous RAINBOW appeared for everyone, which became a real ornament of the action! And a little rain after her, so on the luck of the following festive parties in white

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