Beautiful anniversary of the national artist Yuri Makushin

January 30, 2020, at the Art Museum. V.V. Vereshchagin held a creative evening to mark the 85th anniversary of the People’s Artist of Ukraine, the sculptor, Yuriy Makushin. What was the talk of this evening and who was speaking – look at the video and you will understand that it was gathered by the cultural community of our city headed by Mayor Oleksandr Senkevich. I will tell about my own almost 40-year friendship with this extraordinary and creative family, led by my wife Inna Viktorivna, also a well-deserved artist of Ukraine, and their talented son Victor, who combines all the abilities and dreams of his parents.

On this site you can see his performances in our Philharmonic and listen to his solo on the flute, which was invented and perfected on the ground of our city Aristey Proсonnesian (Orpheus), sister of Homer, Cleopatra (Sappho) and her son with Homer (Plato), Scythian (Anacreon), who was recognized by the Hellas bard for having first written the canon for flute and performed it in Athens in 593 BC as a separate musical instrument. To him, the flute was used only to accompany choral singing.

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