“Wild Garden” – the results of the 26th season!

30 July 2016 archaeological expedition Mykolaiv National University of V.O. Sukhomlynskiy under the direction of archaeologist, Director of the Research Center “Lukomorie” Institute of Archaeology NAS of Ukraine, Kirill Gorbenko, has completed preliminary excavations room number 21 archaeological monuments “Wild Garden”, located on the territory of the Camp field of Mykolaiv. Preliminary data and artifacts indicate that in this room lived a hereditary family of bone cut master XII-XI centuries B.C. Video story about the preliminary results of excavations of the 26th season Gorbenko K.

Tens of thousands of residents of Mykolaiv followed the course of excavations in the city center, which highlighted local media including websites:







Below the picture shows the individual stages of work that was started July 4, 2016 to clean up the area from plants. Then the scientific method was filmed cultural soil layer by layer, until they reached the earthen floor room, which occasionally cover of clay by residents.

July 4-13th


July 14th

July 28th

July 29th

July 30th

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