To the 90th anniversary of the artist Vitaly Zolotukhin!

October 27, 2019, in the music hall of the Art Museum. V.V. Vereshchagin held the second meeting of the 31st season of the Mykolayiv Pushkin Club, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the club and the 90th anniversary of the artist Vitaliy Zolotukhin. The Chairman of the Club Anatoliy Zolotukhin and the People’s Artist of Ukraine Mykhailo Ozerniy, Inna Kushnirenko, Inna Cherkesova made a short report on these issues. At the end of the evening young musicians Olena Pidlubna (violin) and Andriy Karatay (piano) performed the following works:- B. Lyatoshinskiy – “Melody”;- Antonio Carlos Zobim – “Once I Loved”;- A. Vivaldi – “Spring” from the cycle “Seasons”, I;- J. Massenet – “Reflections. Meditation ”from the opera“ Tais ”.

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