Concert from the “Popular Classics” cycle

On August 26, 2018, in Kirche (the Lutheran Church of Christ the Savior) a concert of the Mykolaiv Regional Philharmonic Society from the cycle “Popular Classics” was held. The program of the concert was performed by G. Handel, J. Haydn, V.A. Mozart, F. Hoffmeister, G. Telemann, I. Bend, and C. Stamitz. The concert was attended by Olga Kukharenko (violin), Alexander Spiro (alto), Victor Makushin (flute), Natalia Zhelo-Danilchenko (domra), Victoria Osadcha (mezzo-soprano), Victoria Gvozdikova (clavier).

Going to a concert on the deserted streets of the city under the scorching sun, frankly, thought that people would not come. Holidays are not over, children on the sea, on the rivers, in country houses … Nice to make a mistake. The 10 minutes before the hall was full. And the beginning of the concert showed that the audience and musicians were hungry one after another and for Music after the summer vacations. Moreover, the audience came to love classical music – between parts of concerts, sonatas, almost not applauded. True, at the end of the gallery a little broke, but these are trivial things compared to what happens to us. A conductor of the concert and somehow intellectually hints that the musical number consists of 2-3-4, or 5 parts, and the audience will interrupt the applause of its performance. Because immediately pauses between parts – there is also, though a small but important part for setting up musicians to perform the next part of the number in a different tonality and tempo. Anyway, this time in the hall of the church was established a merciful atmosphere of the concert, which happens only at worship. Concert by definition is a competition between musicians and the public. I already said about the audience, and the success of the musicians determines the triad: the program, chosen and built appropriately, music performers and musicologist, which in our case should all be united into one. So this time everything was fine and the concert was successful – the program speaks for itself, look at the inspired musicians, listen to their wonderful performance and the corresponding reaction of the public. As for the connection of the concert, here it is necessary to pay tribute to not only Olena Kuzmina, which was untraditional and well conducted by him, but Victoria Gvozdikova, who was an accompanist of all performers. Those who were not at the concert will watch and listen to this wonderful concert, although of course, the video is a pale copy of a live concert. But he still allows entering several times in the same river, whose name is Music …1234567891011121314151617181920212223

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