To Mykolaiv – 230 years! “Wild Garden” in Mykolaiv – 3465 years!

Mykolaiv September 14, 2019, celebrates the 230th anniversary of the founding of the modern city! In fact, we have already celebrated August we hav7, 2772 years, the 3 cities of Olbia-1 (Tabirne Pole), Borysten (Admiralty), Nison (Broad Beam), in which such founders of Antiquity and Christianity, were born and acted as Aristey Prokonneskiy, Cleopatra-Sappho, Homer, Achilles, Scythians, Cleobulin-2, etc., and also on the day of the archaeologist celebrated – 3465 years of Alibant (“Wild Garden”), a city founded by the Cimmerian Atlanteans, who arrived here 4 days before the disaster, approximately 600- 700 people, from Atlantis (Crimea, Evpatoria) and founded this city!

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