Mykolayiv Philharmonic: International Music Day!

On September 29, 2018, a concert of the 82nd season of the Mykolayiv Regional Philharmonic on the International Music Day of two departments was held in the renovated building hall after the repair of the Palace of Culture.

In the first department, there was a chamber orchestra “ARS-NOVA”. Conductor – Kateryna Kosiceka, Kyiv. Works were performed: F. Mendelssohn; L. Revutsky Soloist – Valentina Nikitina (cello); Sh. Guno Waltz Juliette from the opera “Romeo and Juliet”. Soloist Olga Paliy (soprano); A. Piazzolla, Soloist – Olga Sitnik (violin); B. Bartok. Soloist – Olga Kukharenko (violin). Honoured Artist of Ukraine Tamara Piven performed the concert.

In the second department, there was an ensemble of folk instruments “Patterns”. Music Director – Honored Artist of Ukraine Ivan Obrevko. Works were performed: I. Mysky, “Ukrainian virtuosos”; Muze V. Tolmachova, wrd. V. Vykhrusha, “Juice of the Earth”. Soloist – Irina Lozova; L. Revutsky, processing of ukr. N. Mr. “Hear, my brother”. Soloist – Honored Artist of Ukraine Oleg Kedis; Muze A. Kos-Anatolsky, p. Petrenko, “Two streams from Montenegro”. Soloist Natalia Bordan; E. Stankovich, “Lullaby”; M. Dremlyuga, processing ukr .. n. Mr. “Oh, in the field three cousins”. Soloist Daria Kolysan; Muze V. Makiyevtsy, N. N. Kolomyets, “Solely Faithfulness”. Soloist – Honored Artist of Ukraine Elena Belousova; I. Daskalov, treatment of ukr. bulk the song “On the street violin plays”. Soloist – Victoria Osadcha; V. Hacker, “Bukovinian melodies and Cossacks”. Solo on the Domra – Natalia Zhelo-Danilchenko; I. Nikolayev, “There is no me”. Solo on the balalaika – Alexander Shyrokopoyas; K. Saint-Saens, “El Desdichado”. Sisters Elena and Natalya Sevach perform; I. Kalman. The original Silva’s aria from the operetta “The Queen of the Chardash.” Soloist – Olga Paliy; R. Galliano “New York Tango”. The second division of the concert was led by Sergei Gololobov.


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