Presentation of the book by V. Loskutnikov “Culture for the future”

On May 24, 2019, in the music room of the Mykolayiv Art Museum named after V.V. Vereshchagin was the presentation of Vitaliy Loskutnikov’s book “Culture for the Future”, publisher Irina Gudym. V.S. Loskutnikov is a person who is well known in our region. He was born in Mykolayiv region in the village of Berezanka in 1948, lived all his life and worked for the benefit of his homeland. He is a man of many-sided, diverse interests. Graduated from the Mykolayiv Pedagogical Institute. V.G. Belinsky (1966-1970), Odessa Agricultural Institute (1975-1981) and the Kyiv State Institute of Culture named after. O.E. Kor-niychuk (1989-1991). Always interested in history, art, sports. Vitaly Sergeevich plays several musical instruments, laureate of the Republican Contest of Young Performers. To this we must add that for many years he has been managing the cultural life of Mykolayiv Oblast, occupying the position of deputy and head of the department of culture in 1982-2007. Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine, Laureate of the Award to them. M.M. Arkas. The circle of interests V.S. Loskutnikov shows his outlook, his passion and his own life.

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