Creative evening of Olga Georgievna Indicova

November 26, 2017, in the Art Center of the Russian Drama Theater, a meeting of the Mykolayiv Pushkin Club was held, dedicated to the creative evening of the head of the “Logos” readers club, of Olga Georgievna Indicova. At the evening the works of A.S. Pushkin performed by the students of Olga Georgievna: Galina Suchilina (“The Tale of the Golden Cockerel”); Nikolai Streltsov (“Monologue of the Mean Knight”); Nadezhda Balykova (Egyptian Nights). At the end of the evening, Olga Georgievna read Tatyana’s Dream from “Eugene Onegin”, and her eight-year-old granddaughter, Anna Yaroslavna – the poem “Winter Morning.” Music accompaniment of the evening of the ensemble of the choir “Orpheus” Valentina Volskaya, accompanist Victoria Shtogrina.

Notes of TRK “Mykolayiv” on the fields of the creative evening of Olga and Anna Indikova

November 28, 2017, TRC “Mykolayiv”. Actual plot. The People’s Theater of ReadersĀ  “Logos”


Photo by Yaroslav Indikov


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