Creative evening of the teacher and composer Irina Stepanova-Borovs’ka

May 28, 2017, in the music room of the Art Museum. V.V. Vereshchagin hosted a creative evening of the teacher and composer Irina Stepanova-Borovskaya. The evening was conducted by the candidate of art criticism, a member of the National Union of Composers of Ukraine Olga Petrenko. The works of the composer Irina Stepanova-Borovskoy were performed by pupils and teachers of the Children’s School oCreative f Arts No. 2 (ChScArt No. 2) in the city of Mykolaiv (director L.A. Zavorotnaya).

  1. The Ukrainian melody, ex. Darya’s Pechatkina, 2 cells. ChScArt No. 2, teacher I. Stepanova-Borovs’ka.
  2. Waltz of butterflies, ex. Dugina Natalia, 2 cells. ChScArt No. 2, the teacher A.S. Karatay
  3. Elegy, ex. Zakharchenko Irina, 4 cells. ChScArt No. 2, teacher II. Stepanova-Borovs’ka
  4. Prelude, ex. Ivanenko Denis, 6 cells. ChScArt No. 2, teacher А.А. Grigorieva
  5. Prelude № 1, ex. Zubanich Mikhail, 8 cells. ChScArt No 2, teach. A.A. Grigorieva
  6. Nocturne №6, ex. the App. Mogilevets Alexander, 8 cells. ChScArt No. 2,
  7. Musical moment number 1, ex. teacher A.S. Karatay
  8. “Recollection”, ex.teacher of ChScArt No. 2, A.S. Karatay
  9. Romance, ex. Andrei Zembovich, the student. 2 nd year of the MGVMU, laureate of international competitions (Flute), the teacher V.P. Kolesnik
  10. Prelude №13, ex. Lysenko Anya, 8 cells. ChScArt No. 2
  11. Three Mazurkas No. 9, No. 10, No. 11 op. 6. Ex. author
  12. Prelude № 11 “Sails”. Ex. author
  13. Ave Maria. Ex. An ensemble of violinists of the ChScArt No. 2. Head                       A.V. Papayanaki
  14. The Autumn Waltz. Ex. author.
  15. Waltz “Fluff”. Ex. author.
  16. Waltz “Aroma of the evening”. Ex. author.


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