Tatiana Saffran’s fantastic and mystical concert!

September 29, 2019, in the Lutheran Circus on the street Admiral’ska, 12, a concert of piano music by the winner of 18 international competitions Tatiana Shafran (Kiyv). The concert was led by art critic Elena Kuz’mina. This is the second concert by a talented pianist in Homer’s homeland. The first concert of Tatiana Saffran in Mykolaiev took place on November 11, 2016, and you can listen to it and see it on this site HERE.

This time in the program of the concert the following works were performed: F. Chopin. Sonata No. 3; O. Scryabin. Prelude; O. Skryabin. Nocturne for the left hand; Mendelssohn-Rachmaninoff. Scherzo; M. Ravel. Night Gaspar. Three poems from Aloysius Bertrand: 1. Ondine: Lent; 2. Le Gilbet: Tres lent .; 3. Scarbo: Modere-vif. The performance of the first 4 not so simple works showed that the talent of the pianist is developing and the technique of the game has considerably increased. And the play of Morris Ravel’s latest work has simply led many into a mystical-fantastic prostration. No wonder this work is considered one of the most technically complex piano works and requires the existing virtuosity of performance. About the last Scarbo play, Ravel himself said that he tried to make the play the most difficult to perform. Congratulations to Tatiana Saffran on the successful development of the Musician’s talent, performing skills and wish him further success!

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