About the author of the golden Scythian pectoral

Earlier, the author found that the entire composition of the upper tier of the pectoral is a reflection of the communion ritual on the golden fleece, a symbol of Cimmerian-Scythian power, the Scythian king Ateas, the most famous ancestor of Homer. Thanks to the methods of apocryphology, it was possible to establish a lineage and prove that Ateas was the ancestor of Homer in the 5th generation. The transcripts of the 4 autographs of the members of this lineage are provided here, and it is proved that the author of the golden Scythian pectoral was the Scythian king Trophym-Midas, who created it to mark the 30th anniversary of his own son Ateas on September 3, 399 B.C. in Olbia-2 (Parutyne village).

Keywords: pectoral, apocryphology, Homer, Trophym-Midas, Ateas, Olbia-2, Scythia.


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