Homer’s Egyptian autographs!

Recently in Saqqara (30 km south of Cairo) archaeologists have found an ancient tomb-necropolis, according to livescience.com. Read more HERE. The woman Demetrius was buried in an underground tomb. In a sculptural image carved out of stone, Demetrius holds a bunch of grapes. An expert on ancient history and a professor at New York University, Roger Bagnall translated Greek inscriptions. One bas-relief reads: “Demetrius, daughter of Menelaus, granddaughter of Ammonia, worthy, goodbye.” another sculptural depicts the Egyptian gods Seth, Thoth and Anubis with the inscription: “Menelaus, son of Philammon, servant and pious man.” I give my interpretation of the inscription by the method of apocryphology.Єгіпет-Doc1

Δημήτρια Μενέλᾱου
Ἀμμωνιάς χριστη

Translated by prof. Roger Bagnal:
Demetrius, daughter of Menelaus,
granddaughter of Ammonia, worthy,

Acrotelestic: (line letters separate acrostic from telestic)
To (ΔἈχ) 55 y. the mother was born in (Δημή) 99 y. (ήτ) 85 d. dedication in stone from the people. in (ρια) 119 years in (Με) 61 days during (νέἈ) 7 years of stay with (μμω) 147 years in (νιά) 70 days in a visit to the worthy Ammon born в (ςχρ) в 108 y. в (χ) 60 d. – born in (αῖρ) 119 y. в (ρε) 61 d. in (στη) 154 y. в (ᾱου) 85 d.

Apocryphological translation of the inscription of the monument:

To 55 years of Klimena’s mother dedication in Homer’s stone during 7 years of stay from 70 days 147 years (September 23, 629 BC) visiting the worthy Ammon-Psammetich I – Homer in 85 d. 154 y. (October 8, 622 BC).169

Μενέλᾱου του Φιλάμμονος
θερᾰπευτόυ καὶ εὑ λέβους.

Translated by prof. Roger Bagnal:
“Menelaus, son of Philamon, a servant and a pious man.”

νενέλᾱου του Φιλάμμ-ο-νος
θερᾰπευτόυ kaὶ εὑ λέβους.

To (θΜ) 93 years of death in (Μεν) 85 years of age in (έλᾱ) 85 days (ου) 61 years in (το) 41 d. за (υΦ) 24 y. before born in (ιλ) 1 d. (ά) 1 p., wives born. in (μμ) 85 d. for (θερ) 34 d. to bear in (ᾰπ) 1 d. (ευ) 1 y., died in (τόυ) 35 y. of age in (ka) 85 d. (ὶ) 1 y. – born. in (εὑ) 61 d. (λέβ) 119 y. in (ους) 85 d. (νος) 154 y.

Apocryphological translation of the inscription of the monument:

To 93 years died in 85 years of age at 85 days 61 years Filainia, wife of Gastia, who died at 35 years of age in 85 days 1 year – Homer in 85 days 154 years.

Comment: The inscription is dedicated to the Egyptian queen Philainia, the wife of the Cimmerian king Gastia, whose son was Targitaeus, the ancestor of the royal Scythians. The name Philainia comes from the name of the Nile island of Philae, located on the southern border of Egypt. According to legend, it was the burial place of Osiris and Isis. This explains the pictures on the monument. The inscription was made by Homer in the last days of his stay in Egypt before 1 year in Phenicia in the grandmother of Amphithea by Climena’s mother, who was born in Sidon. At this time, Homer’s father Leak and his brother Achilles fought on the side of the Achaeans with Troy. Before that, Paris stole from Menelaus their sister Elena, and for no money offered to him by Agamemnon, did not want to give her away. The Naval Trojan War lasted 10 years (630-620 BC). Homer adored ships and could not watch their destruction. Therefore, he went to Egypt to seek evidence of the loss of Atlantis, which was ruled by their ancestors, the Cimmerian kings. I also deciphered the largest and most influential lapidary monument – the so-called Rosetta Stone, which Homer created during this stay in Egypt.

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