The immanent method of solving the Homeric question

The method of complex analysis of the ancient Greek text “Odyssey” with the allocation of various attributes in it is developed. A systematic textual analysis of the signs was carried out and their comparison with reality. It was found out that the main part of swimming Odysseus was in the Black Sea. Geographically identified all navigation objects. It is determined that the chronological calendar of Homer corresponded to the Athenian and was close to the present. As a result, a date and place of birth of Homer in the Alibant (Mykolayiv, Ukraine) were determined on September 14, 657 BC. It is proved that the immanent method allows to objectively establish the real details of the biography of Homer without using hidden texts.

Key words: Odyssey, Iliad, Kirkaya, Scylla, Сharibdis, Planktos, Homer.

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