The 3rd Archaeologist Day in Alibant – August 17, 2019!

Friends, I remind you once again that the Wild Garden is the Homer Alybant! Homer writes that on October 8, 1447 B.C. Santorin volcano exploded on Fr. Fera (Tera), 6 hours later, during a powerful earthquake, a huge tsunami swept into the Black Sea of Atlantis, which was located in front of modern Evpatoria. In 4 days, the priests warned of the catastrophe and 10 Atlant ships on 10 ships sailed to the modern Mykolaiv land and established a city here at Tabirne Pole, which today has been named by the site as the ancient archeological site “Wild Garden”. This city of the Cimmerians of Atlantis existed for almost half a millennium and was subsequently abandoned. A century and a half later, the Cimmerian king Targitay, remembering his Atlantic origin, brought here in 760 BC. he built his tribe and near Alybant on 7 August 753 B.C. the three cities of Olbia-1, Borea and Neeson, where almost all the founders of ancient culture and Christianity were born!Thanks to the archaeologists and the department of cultural heritage protection of the city of Mykolaiv (I. Bondarrenko, Yu. Lyubarov) the Mykolaiv for the third time marked the Day of the archaeologist in the ancient Alybant look as it was and come to the next holidays to our glorious archaeologists, because it is already the Mykolaiv tradition!

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