Speech at NUS conference on the 80th anniversary of B.M. Mozolevskiy

23-24 September 2016 at the National University of Shipbuilding held Ukrainian scientific-practical conference “Mykolaiv and Northern Black Sea Coast: History and Modernity”. To the 80 anniversary of the birth of Ukrainian of archaeologist B.M. Modzolevskiy. Give the video opening statements of the conference organisers, associate professor of social and human sciences, Ph.D., of Oleg Valerioyvych Bobina, vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work and international activities of Yevgeniy Ivanovich Trushlyakov and my, A.I. Zolotukhin, the report “Pectoral B.M. of Mozolevskiy as a symbol of the Scythian culture (semiotic and semantic analysis).



O.V. Bobina, B.M. Mozolevs’kiy, A.B. Velikhovs’ka, E.I. Trushlyakov


A.I. Zolotukhin


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