To the Homer – 2670!


Fragment of Scythian Pectoral, IV B.C.

Memories of archeologists V.V.Nazarov and V.V.Krapivina!

On September, 14th, 2013 to the Homer it is executed 2670! For the first time in a modern history of a western civilization birthday of the Homer on his native land, nowadays in the city of Nikolaev, has noted been on September, 14th, 2001 in the Central city library by M.L. Kropivnitskiy. As an occasion for this purpose the presentation of my book ” Homer. The immanent biography “, publishing house ” ATOLL “, Nikolaev, 2001. In 2002 has been created by the Nikolaev state broadcasting company film ” Terra Incognita ” (author A.A. Mitrofanov), devoted to this event.

In the book it has been come out with the assumption that the Homer was on the father Cimmerian and was born on September, 14th 657 B.C. in a Olbia-1. The city settled down on the Camp field of Nikolaev, near to an archeologic monument ” the Wild Garden”. On the basis of data Herodotus the family tree of the Homer from Targitaus (VIII B.C.) and up to Scythian tsar Atey (IV B.C.) is restored. The chronology which the Homer used is resulted, dates of a birth and death are certain, 8 basic periods of a life of the Homer are allocated. From the textual analysis “Odyssey” follows, that in 609 B.C. during navigation Odysseus superficial current in passage Bosporus was the return present, because of downturn of a water level in Black sea on 5-10 m (so-called Phanagorysky regress). Site Charybdis (large “Whirlpool”), mud volcano Scylla and Planktos (” Colliding rocks “) has been experimentally certain. At present current from Black sea in Mediterranean such big whirlpools do not arise. The disposition of the basic objects of navigation Odysseus has been certain: floating island Aeolus (island Zmeinyj), island Aeae (island Berezan’), Hades and city of people Cimmerian (Nikolaev), bay Laistrygones (Balaklava), island Ogigsky (Crimea), Scheria (of Batumi).

As the proof of a hypothesis it has been resulted three artefacts.

1. Gold Scythian Pectoral IV B.C., found by our fellow countryman B.N. Mozolevskiy. The semiotics analysis of a plot has shown, that it is made by Scythian tsar Atey, the descendant of the Homer in 6-th knee. In the center of a composition at the left the Homer, on the right Atey, hold a gold fleece – a symbol of Scythian authority. It’s confirms a Scythian family tree of the Homer.

2. The gold figurine of the young man-fixture from palace Alcinous, is described by the Homer in “Odyssey” (VII, 100-103). The photo of a figurine is revealed me in the Batumi study of local lore museum in 1984, it has been found there 9 years ago. By it is confirmed dispositions Scheria in Batumi.

3. The most important proof was, so-called, stone of Mastor with an inscription, found Skadovskiy on island Berezan’ in 1900. The basic part of a clear text on a stone was read epigraphyst V.P.  Jaylenko. I had been replaced 3 letters from 45, written down by him presumably. After restoration in epitaph was read acroteleverses, with the indication of day and year of a birth and death of the Homer. Jaylenko this restoration has not been apprehended, for to a science then cases of reading of the latent verses were not known.

From the moment of an exit of the book ” Homer. The immanent biography ” has passed 12 years. This anniversary year I am obliged to report citizen about results of my 33-years work on research of a life and creativity of the Homer. In publishing house ” Opportunity of Cimmeriya ” in 2006 is published translation of the mentioned book into English language ” Homer. The immanent biography “. In 2005 on Irina Gudym’s publishing house there was a monographic research of “The Secrets ” of Slovo o polku Igoreve ” (“The tale of prince Igor’s campaign”). In it the technique of drawing up of the latent texts is stated and examples of their presence in a number of classic languages are given. Without a key of reading of the latent verses which was opened in ” the Slovo o polku Igoreve ” by his author Cyril Turovskoj (1101-1208), this problem could not be solved. ” Slovo ” – a unique source on this question in the world literature. In 2007 I was a task in view – to lead the textual analysis of primary sources of eposes and to allocate in them of a different sort attributes, and then to compare them to reality. Generally speaking, the science about the Homer should begin with this analysis. Its absence speaks only about one – creativity of the Homer is examined today not differently, as a myth, or an invention. In 6 years of work, I can tell, that the Homer has appeared more exact historian, than Herodotus and Old russian analmans.

In May, 2007 I had been made tables of symbolical attributes (names) in “Illiad” and “Odyssey”. In them the latent verses made of five names or names have been found out. In particular, in “Odyssey” the Homer has written down in the latent verses that he has created so-called stone of Mastor itself on island Aeae (Berezan’). And it was the first autograph, which I was possible manage in 2001. Init has named date of the birth, and date of death has charged to put the son to the Telemachos (Anacharsis). This stone mother of the Homer, Climena, asked him to make and put to it in a tomb two years prior to her death. There, on a necropolis of island Berezan’, it also has been found by Skadovskiy acros 2508 years after manufacturing by its Homer. Generally speaking, in the latent verses the Homer confirms practically all assumptions of a route navigations Odysseus stated in the book ” Homer. The immanent biography “. I shall specify the main thing from which researchers miss all: Where who has floated Odysseus after cape Maleia, and such Lotophags (” Tasty food “)? By me it has been come out with the assumption, that the Homer-Odysseus has returned to the city of Elay (nowadays Sedduil’bakhir) at an input in present passage Dardanelless, whence he has gone to Black sea. The Homer has deciphered in the latent verses, Lotophags, are wives of seamen. After long separation it was difficult to him to tear off  the seamen from ” tasty food ” for the further navigation.

As a result of reading the latent verses it was found out, that Hesiod in the nature did not exist is a pseudonym of the Homer. About poetic competition of the Homer and Hesiod in which the Homer has lost to itself, as the barbarian to “greek”, it’s necessary the separate story. “Argonautica” is direct plagiarism of Appolonius Rodossky. In it the latent autobiographical verses of the Homer are read. It became clear why the Homer did not sign any product by the name. In everyone, even the smallest hymn, his autobiographical latent verses contained. Also it was found out, that it is the best way of protection of copyrights. In “Batrachomiomakhia” (” War of mice and frogs “) and the latent verses of the Telemachos-Anacharsis are found in Platon’s “Dialogues” “Critey” and “Timey” also. It has as a result appeared, that Platon, Solon, were not authors of data about Atlantis. The basic data proceeded from sort Targitaus (Aristey Prokonessky and the Homer), all which members counted themselves as descendants Atlantisman.

Especially I wish to emphasize, that it is possible to read the latent verses only in ancient greek texts, in translations they have not. The basic problem of their reading consists that direct and rigid algorithm as in cryptograms. Names in them are often replaced with dates of a birth, events too are dated. Each new dating demands statistical confirmation. Only repeated confirmation of dates can be considered by firmly established fact. The Homer well understood all difficulties of perusal of the latent verses. In a final hymn « To Apollo » has warned, that together with the Muse they will damn the one, who will incorrectly transmit their sense. For 5 years of researches of texts 5000 latent verses have entered into a database about a life and creativity of the Homer. As a result the immanent biography can be considered as the curriculum vitae of the Homer. But, for avoidance of a damnation of the Homer, practice of use of a technique by other researchers, as main criterion of scientific true is necessary. For now all Wikipedia the world begin according to: « About a life and the person of the Homer authentically it is not known ».

The History has two main judges: Archeologists and Time.

This article is not casually devoted to two remarkable Archeologists, heads of expeditions of Institute of archeology National АS Ukraine, devoted to the hard business, untimely left from us. Vladimir Vladimirovich Nazarov (1956-2004) has devoted a life to research of archeologic monuments of island Berezan’, and Valentina Vladimirovna Krapivina (1950-2013) – Olbia (vill. Parutino). These are two components of the History-archeologic monument “Olbia” National АS Ukraine. Their researches have the direct relation to the Homer. He has lived all 608 B.C. on Berezan’ at the sister and the Muse, Cleopatra, often happened here, and after her dead with the Scyth built Olbia-2.

As to Time nobody is better Ecclesias (3:1, 5) about it has told: : « to All the time, and time of any thing under the sky: … time to scatter stones, and time to collect stones ».

In a number of possible proofs of a reality of existence of mythical persons, certainly, archeologic artefacts win first place. And nobody will argue, that even more important place is occupied with artefacts with texts, moreover and with signatures of mythical heroes. But, first, the Homer was extremely popular in due time and he understood, that is obvious him the signed artefacts become easy can a subject of the tender. And, secondly, – the Scythian history was not interesting to Greeks. It is represented, what exactly last factor has played a main role on a way of creation of the latent texts.

In this connection, for last year by me it is investigated 1072 lapidary inscriptions found by archeologists in Northern Black  Sea Coastmore, than for 200 years. It was studied: whether there are in them latent texts or not? These monuments have no all neither concrete dating, nor authorship. The part of names in them at all had no translation. But ” time of scattering of stones ” has ended, all of them without exception contain dates of creation and authors for the sake of what they and were created. An in itself plenty of decodings already confirms effectiveness of the developed technique of reading of the latent verses.

As a result after ” collecting of stones ” it has been revealed: 23 autographes of Aristey Prokonessky, 477 – of the Homer, 89 – of Achilles, 61 – the Scyth and 422 – Anacharsis. I hope, that after scientific approbation of this work these and other mythological persons will pass all in a category historical. It is necessary to emphasize especially, that inscriptions of lapidary monuments are primary in relation to written sources which have reached us after repeated copying. In this respect they are invaluable. Being autographes, they should become basis for decoding all latent texts of written ancient greek sources.

From inscriptions it was found out, that the founder of a sort of the Homer Cimmerian Targitaus was born here on June, 15th 776 B.C. and was lost by hand Lidia of  tsar Giges near Troy with daughter-wife Spheno on October, 8th 696 B.C. Date of birth Targitaus has served his son Arpoksay (Aristey Prokonessky, Olen), a reference mark of calendar year, leap years and Olympiads. I shall name, repeatedly confirmed, dates of a life: of Aristey, on February, 11th 734 B.C. – on August, 25th 640 B.C.; of the Homer, on September, 14th 657 B.C. – on July, 28th 581 B.C.; of Achilles, on September, 15th 657 B.C. – on October, 8th 609 B.C.; of the Scyth, on September, 16th 638 B.C. – on February, 11th 582 B.C.; of Anacharsis, on September, 8th 620 B.C. – on September, 11th 513 B.C.; and of Muses of the Homer, sister Kleopatra, on October, 28th 662 B.C. – on October, 8th 591 B.C.

Cimmerian-Scythian every day the annals in these 1072 inscriptions describes events of 263 years of the archaic period of history Cimmerian-Scythian from July, 15th 776 B.C. till September, 11th 512 B.C. Also is not beyond a life of those, who created them. Longest, as it is visible, has lived the Telemachus-Anacharsus – 107 years, he has lived almost before invasion Darius on Skythian. In a myth about the Telemachus his murder Telegonos is mixed with destruction of the Scyth in 56 years from Telegonos. In inscriptions confirmations of birth Aristey, the Homer, Achilles and the Scyth in a Olbia-1 (Nikolaev), founded by Targitaus on August, 7th 753 B.C contain with two other cities of Boreas (on a place of Admiralty) and Nison (in the Wide beam). Anacharsus was born and has lived all life in a Elay (nowadays Sedduil’bachir) in 13 km. fromTroy. The city has been founded Targitaus on July, 3rd 751 B.C. and 100 years referred to Cimmeriad, and then has been renamed in Elay. Cleopatra was born in Colchis.

The childhood of the Homer has passed in Olbia-1 (Nikolaev) till 11 years. The younger brother of the father of the Homer on mother, Pan, force has seized power in Hades of Hylaea in March 646 B.C., having captured mother Climena and Achilles. Trojans who supported of Pan, was three times more, than greek, supporters of the Lykus. Therefore the father of the Homer ran by the ship to Aristey Prokonessky. Sources 20 years Trojan wars have been incorporated in Hades. Cleopatra has hidden in his caves and the sister, Helen Beautiful, and also Hephaistos. In two months the Muse has forwarded them by the ship to the father. In 4 years it was possible to her secretly, having lulled protection by hypnosis to take out at night by ostensibly Phoenician ship of captives of Pan from Hades to the father. And in 35 years of board of Pan, the daughter of the Muse and the Homer, Tiro, has poisoned the dictator on May, 13th 611 B.C. on a wedding feast. To 3 sons of Pan and Cleopatra tried to select authority at mother. To the aid, at support Agamemnon and Achilles, on August, 16th 610 B.C. the father the Lykus and the Homer have brought from Troy in Hades 50 ships from 3000 soldiers, one thousand from which have left on settlement. So the Homer and the Muse had been established the world in Hylaea for long time.

Some words about an absolute binding of chronology of the Homer, which can be executed on the astronomical phenomena. At the Homer in the latent verses of “Illiad” exact date of a solar eclipse on September, 30th 609 B.C., which has prevented Menelaus to kill Parisus is specified. On site NASA calculations of a solar eclipse which took place on September, 30th 609 B.C are resulted in 1:10:06 PM of hours. It is important to note, that Troyon a map of a covering of a solar eclipse gets in a zone of a partial eclipse. Meanwhile, in XXI song of “Illiad”, the Homer has described a full solar eclipse, which was accompanied also by earthquake. It speaks, that calculations of a covering of territories by the full solar eclipse, executed NASA, suffer absence of exact data about deflexion axes of rotation of Globe at that time. The Homer allows to make this amendment – the axis of rotation of the Earth in days of the Homer has been shifted approximately on 10 °-12° to the north of present position. Average scope natural deflexion does not exceed an axis of rotation 0,5°. So, here it is a question of serious deviations, first of all, climatic. The question that has led to such displacement, remains open in the scientific plan. But, this displacement of an axis could cause downturn of a level of Black sea and change of a direction of current in Bosporus. There are also other astronomical confirmations from them message Anacharsus that his birth accompanied with the phenomenon tail comets in October 620 B.C. is important. Again it has appeared after his 75 anniversary, in October 545 B.C. And this most ancient certificate of occurrence of comet Halley these years. Chinese and other chronicles are given by the first exact data, since 240 B.C.

The information received as a result of perusal of autographes of 5 authors, restores not only their biographies, feeling, history of transition from Cimmerian to Scythians. It creates new historical prospect for our native ground and the country. We have all the bases to consider as a reference mark of this prospect thousand-year existence Atlantis in Crimea. According to the Homer it was lost as a result of explosion of volcano Santorini in 1450±100 B.C. This date is established on the basis of the radiocarbon analysis. The Homer in inscriptions gives exact date of this event on October, 8th 1447±5 B.C. Here my probable mistake is included in an error in definition of date. Atlantis was the ship state which has subdued Greece owing to that owned this technology. The Homer writes, that priests some days prior to accident have predicted it and 10 influential sorts by 10 ships were saved. Hardly later they have founded settlement ” the Wild Garden”. It’s our archeologists dig out last 20 years. The Homer has named this city in “Odyssey” Alybas, that in translation means ” Phyla death-bed “. In XXIV song of the epos he has written down: ” I was born in Alibas “. Actually he was born in Olbia-1, located beside. In itself this phrase is expression of pride of his origin from Atalantis mans. But, here that is important. The radiocarbon analysis of artefacts establishes extreme dates of an archeologic monument ” the Wild Garden” within the limits of XIII-IX B.C. And it is quite entered in all told above. Targitaus has led the tribe to dead city of ancestors to Alybas and has based here three cities to continue their nice history. Alybas was for them sacred city. Ask archeologists, on it they built nothing. Therefore there is no later cultural layer. Alybas has allowed an occasion to the Homer to place here Hades – an empire dead.

All descendants Targitaus and he were seamen, since 12 years operated the ships. In 20 years Aristey and the Scyth reached Carthago. All of them owned technology of construction of the ships and were sailors. Understood navigation on stars, were pilots, studied currents. Knew 4-5 languages so, that could not only communicate, but also write on them. The native sister of the Homer on the father and his Muse, Cleopatra, was sailor. She of the first has passed between Skylas and Charybdis through Planktos in 629 B.C., when carried a gold fleece to the father Lykus in Elay from Colchis, where hid its and children from Pan. As a plot for “Argonautica” the Homer was served with the real fact. Ancestor Targitay was the poet, was a part Pritaniya, and all the cities has constructed here due to sale of grain to Greeks-Sitonus. The Homer was the last Cimmerian. In the childhood his name was Zetos, and Achilles – Calaid. The Homer he has accepted a name in 13 years from blessing the teacher and the great-grandfather on mother of Aristey Prokonesskiy. This he has held in remembrance the origin from Atalantis mans which were Cimmerian. In eposes of the Homer there is no mention of Scythians, but in “Odyssey” the city and people Cimmerian is mentioned. In inscriptions it is visible, as gradually the sort of the Homer has been renamed in Scythian. After them have named imperial Scythians (Herodotus), it is probable, because they were descendants of an ancient sort Cimmerians. Having a presentiment of close death, on the 70 anniversary, on October, 28th 592 B.C., Cleopatra has transmitted a gold fleece to the and the Homer to the son, Hyll. Then she has renamed him into the Scyth. From now on Hylaea began to refer to Scythian. The gold fleece represented on Scythian Pectoral, has been made in Olbia-1 (Nikolaev) by Hephaistos on money of his father, Aristey Prokonessky, on September, 3rd 646 B.C. Under the description of the Homer the fleece was big, possibly, it has passed by right of succession to Atey.

With the Muse of the Homer on beauty, mind, talent (poetic pseudonym Sappho, and Ahills – Alcaeus), breadth of her abilities and activity, it is impossible to compare any heroine of world history. She quite justifies name Cleopatra – ” Glorified the native land “. I shall notice only one. Without her directing ideas and promotion in Athenes of his works, the Homer could and not take place as the poet. He has been occupied only by their composition. Will agree, that the problem too not from lungs – to write in a clear text hidden. In the inscriptions the Scyth has noted, that his father and mother has been constantly occupied. Dolphinia the Muse is named because three times drown with the ships and three times saved. Last 33 years of the life this fragile woman, as the Homer writes, has devoted itself to indefatigable construction of fortified city Olbia-2 (vill. Parutino). Before two years the Muse lived on island Lesbos, where with children it was trained in singing and music at the syrian singers. On August, 2nd 631 B.C. she has become famous in Athenes as the poetess, and on October, 28th 631 B.C. (nowadays Berezan’) the Muse has founded the city of Nikiy on deserted island. In the beginning 628 B.C. has lead the first Scythian Olympiad on Achills Run (nowadays Tendrovskaya spit). Since then, each 4 years were spent Olympiads, in honour of Aristey Prokonessky. Olbia-2 it has been based by the Muse and Achills after carrying out of 2-nd Olympiad, on July, 20th 624 B.C. The Homer at this time was in Egypt, where collected data about Atlantis. Walls of serfs have started to build in 7 years. Three walls from a land have been erected Cleopatra up to her destruction on October, 8th 591 B.C. Other two, from the river, were built by the Scyth under supervision of the Homer in 584 B.C. About all this the Homer has told in the latent verses of inscriptions of the Decree of the Protogene, Antesteria, the Catalogue of names and others. Olbia-2 it has been built under the will from July, 20th 641 B.C. On the money, left to the Muse and the Homer, their great-grandfather, oligarch Aristey Prokonessky, – Aeaet (“Eagle”) in “Argonautica”. That is why on arms Olbia-2 the Eagle on the Dolphin flaunts. Possibly, the coin with this image has been created during lifetime of the Homer after creation “Argonautica” on October, 8th 588 B.C. Aristey all carefully has thought over also itself has chosen a place for city. He had a considerable experience for he of the money for an empty place for 20 years has erected the city-fortress of Prokoness on island on August, 28th 675 B.C. Olbia-2 was created when on left bank Hypanis (S. Bug) still Pan corrected in Hades three cities. Aristey in 641 B.C. has addressed the letter for support to the friend, tsar Bospor Thracian, Cotiy Asporuch. Powerful tsar the letter has warned of Pan, that has not taken in head Cleopatra and the Homer to prevent to build Olbia-2. Otherwise he will deal with him. Besides 20 ships of Trojan’s Pan have been destroyed in the spring 621 B.C. in 2 sea fights at islands Berezan’ and Zmeiniy 10 ships Achills. Thus, one of the fighting ships ordered Cleopatra.

Aristey Prokonessky 93 has lived and has achieved in all of outstanding results. In 20 years has been expelled Targitaus from Hylaea and has got over to Miletus. On August, 13th 707 B.C. he has been elected in structure of council 9 Archontus, operated by the Ancient Greece. In a year has been elected in Prytania, unique not greek. The money as an oligarch, he has earned on trade in grain. His wife was Roman Claudia and consequently all descendants knew latin language, including the Homer, Achills, the Scyth and Anacharsis. Aristey-Olen as the first poet of Greece, has been deduced by the Homer in image Orpheus. He often came home, helped inhabitants Hades grain and money. In one of arrivals Evridika-Claudia was lost on island Berezan’ from a sting of the snake in 664 B.C. Greeks recognized, that hyperborey and lykus Olen has learned them to compose hexameters and hymns (Herodotus). On August, 6th 698 B.C. he has published “Arimaspeya” (400 pages) in Athenes on parchment which release has adjusted in Olbia-1 (it is considered, that parchment has appeared in II B.C.). The epos has been devoted to three aryan cities in Hades (Nikolaev) his parents Targitaus and Spheno. For 5 years of dialogue with the Homer they have grown fond each other. Aristey the first has made the message to Greeks in Athenes about Atlantis. Has developed chronology and institute of memory in the form of lapidary inscriptions, has learned the Homer to drawing up of the latent verses. Together they developed the program of 8-years training of children. Aristay has rendered significant influence on creativity of the Homer. In memory about Targitaus, bequeathed to spend to the first days of new year in 4 years of Olympiad. So, by the right it is necessary to count as founders of the European culture Aristey Prokonessky and the Homer.

Ukraine, Nikolaev, September, 14th 2013, Anatoliy Zolotukhin.

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