Golden Voices of Ukraine

November 26,2012 inthe hall of Nikolaev State Higher Music School students held an extraordinary concert of the winner of international and Ukrainian competitions, holder of the diplom “Golden Voice” ofUkraine, teacher of the school, Olga Ivanovna Didusenko-Paliy. The concert was attended by 8 students from the class of Olga Ivanovna. Among them, three winners of international competitions: Alice Tkachenko, Anna Shevchenko and Anastasia Fedorenko. The concert itself Olga students Tatiana Szczesniak, Zachariy Paliy, Eugeniy Sil’nitskiy, Helen Kravchenko and Anna Bogach. By high quality performance at a strong voice and confident manner of execution of complex numbers, we can speak about the school – Olga Didusenko-Paliy.Today it is the most professional and most successful of all the schools that are in the city of Nikolayev.

Anastasiya Fedorenko and Anna Shevchenko

Alisa Tkachenko

Tatiana Szczesniak

Helen Kravchenko

Evgeniy Sil’nitskiy

Ol’ga Didusenko-Paliy and Anna Bogach

Zakhariy Paliy and O’lga Didusenko-Paliy

The final output

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