On May 26, 2018, a long-awaited concert of VIVA OPERA Concierto di Famiglia took place in the Palace of Culture of Builders: Alexander Yaschenko, Olga and Zahariy Paliy – a family trio. Concert Masters Natalya Maltseva, Angelika Kravetska. Leading Margarita Gorkovenko.

There is nothing to speak about this extraordinary concert, it’s enough to listen to the wonderful voices of our countrymen without the use of microphones, their exquisite behaviour on stage and see how they were perceived by the listeners’ hall, which was applause and cries of “Bravo!” I do not remember in the last two years so that the scene so broke from such a number of colours! – BROWN FAMILY OLD PALIE! Whoever did not come to the concert, let him watch this video – but you all know well that live performances cannot be anything to replace … So, dear friends, in our city are Opera Divo – Trio of the family of Olga Paliy!

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