Atlantis is the first ship’s state in Europe!

Zolotukhin A.I. A researcher (Ukraine, Mykolaiv), [email protected]

The main source of evidence for Atlantis has been shown to be the records of Egyptian priests and the memory of the Cimmerian family of Targitay, who considered themselves its descendants. Thanks to 7 years of searching in Egypt, with the support of Pharaoh Psammetichus I, Homer gave evidence of Atlantis in Plato’s (this is Homer’s pseudonym!) Dialogues, As well as in the inscription “Rosetta Stone”. The hidden texts in them are read by the methods of apocryphology and indicate that Atlantis existed in 1, 123BC and was ruled by the Cimmerian kings. It was located near the modern city of Evpatoria in the Crimea and was washed away in Pontus by a powerful tsunami during the earthquake caused by the eruption of a volcano (Santorini) on the island of Tera (Fera) on October 8, 1447 BC. It was the first European shipping state to unite the port cities of the Black, Marmara, and eastern Mediterranean seas. This civilization is studied today as the Creto-Minoan (Aegean), and it should be renamed the Atlantic.

Keywords: Atlantis, Homer, Alibant, Targitai, Cimmerians, apocryphology, Egypt, ships.

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