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As we know from Wikipedia, the rosette stone is a granodiorite stele, which was found by the French in 1799 in Egypt, and in 1801 passed to the British and is now exhibited in the British Museum of Britain. According to the modern paradigm, three versions of the same decree of the Memphis priests from 196 BC are carved on the stone. The upper and middle inscriptions are made in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and demotic writing, and the lower – in Koine. In 1822, the French researcher Jean-François Champollion, using the same content of texts, developed a method of reading hieroglyphs.

Despite all this, it is still unknown who was the extraordinary author of the inscriptions, who, first, knew these three languages, secondly, already at that time he realized that there were only a few experts in reading hieroglyphs and, thirdly, he figured out how to fix this situation so that it could be revived? The book [3] reconstructs Homer’s biography in detail and is currently working on the publication of more than half a thousand Homer’s autographs in lapidary inscriptions found not in Greece but in the Northern Black Sea, which is his autobiography. It is also proved that Homer in 7 sought evidence of Atlantis in Egypt. According to Homer, Atlantis was in the Crimea, near Evpatoria, and was washed away by a tsunami from the eruption of a volcano (Santorini) on the island. Tera (Fera) during a powerful earthquake on October 8, 1447 BC. On the site “Homer and Atlantis” in the article “Egyptian autographs of Homer” is about the inscriptions made on a stone in an underground tomb near Cairo [1]. It is proved that these are 2 Egyptian autographs of Homer, with the dedication of 55 years to the mother of Clement, and the second to 93 years of the death of the Egyptian queen Philainia, mother of Targitay, which were created by Homer on October 8, 622 BC. This prompted the original text of the Rosetta Stone to be analyzed by apocryphology [2]. Structurally, the inscription consists of 925 conditional words and 185 five-word verses. The purpose, dedication and authorship of the monument are indicated in the last 177-185 verses (dates – according to the Cimmerian chronology, the countdown of days and years is arithmetic from 1 d. 1 year. Targitay in 16.07.776 BC [ 2]:

«177. The divine Hiera (Atlantis) was resurrected by Aristeas of Proconnes, who perished in 85 days, as did Targitay, and in 751 years became known to all.              178. This work of Aristeas, which became sacred to me personally, was discussed in society.                                                                                                                          179. So, the poet Aristeas is the author of a great work of the world holiday of Atlantis.    180. To the prophet Aristeas, this temple of Atlantis was created before him in 110 years age Homer at this very moment in 211 days 152 years (11.02.624 BC).            181. I return the debt to Aristeas to honour the famous Atlantis for this.                    182. In Egypt, I glorify Aristeas and his Muse Cleopatra the Divine in 38 years, who became famous (as Sappho!) In 18 days 145 years.                                                   183. Homer thanks the founder, King Aristeas, in 211 days 152 years, according to custom as a priest in his 110 years.                                                                              184. Homer erected this monument to 110 years from the birth of Aristeas in the language of Psammetichus I, in Greek and in 3 grammars.                                         185. Began work at the age of 33 years old, at 61 days 152 years, thanks to Psammetichus I, completed at 210 days 152 years, with the support of all 148 days of Psammetichus I, thank him for the opportunity to work happily to exhaustion, Homer.

Compared to Homer’s texts written under Plato’s pseudonym, the Timaeus and Critias dialogues provide new evidence (first mentioned in verse 26 that Atlantis existed in 1123!) And there are repetitions in the description of the city itself. But the importance of this monument is that it was found in Egypt – it is material evidence of 7 years of Homer’s stay in Egypt, aimed at finding evidence of Atlantis, which was contributed by Psammetich I. Besides, there is unique evidence about the life of the genus Targitay Here is how Homer writes about how in 20 Targitay went to propose to his future wife, Cleobulina, to Zoroaster’s father: “165. Targitay felt great terror before the crowded noble Supreme Bishop Zoroaster of the land in the small town of Isa (a suburb of Babylon – AZ). 166. He stood for 6 days and celebrated his marriage to Cleobulina at 37 d. 20 y. 167. Targitay revealed to the prophet Zoroaster at 35d. 20 y. about the ship Atlantis, which existed 691 years ago. 168. Targitay agreed with his mother Busa and father Cadmus (Phoenician kings – AZ), too. 169. Targitay spoke compliments to parents he knew earlier directly (together they made the Greek alphabet – AZ)”. 23.09.756 BC the sailor and Cimmerian king Targitay brought Cleobulina home and arranged a wedding, and on August 7, 753 BC built 3 cities here: Olbia-1, Borey and Neeson (Mykolayiv).

It was recently discovered that Targitay’s father, the Cimmerian king Gastius, lived in Cappadocia and was married to the Egyptian queen Philainia. [1] With three children, they arrived in the Mykolayiv land, as in the land of their Atlantean ancestors, and on the 1st day Targitay was born here, and 85 days later Gasty died. Filainia died on October 8, 715 BC. She managed to teach the languages of her 4 children, his daughter Spheno born in 749 BC and her son, Aristeas of Proconneskiy, born in 734 BC. Aristeas taught Homer during his exile in 645-640 BC. So, Psammetichus I contributed to Homer’s search for evidence of Atlantis in Egypt as a relative.


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