F. Buschuev – excursion to Mykolayiv Astronomical Observatory

In early 2018, my music friends asked me to arrange a tour to our Mykolayiv Astronomical Observatory and I agreed with my friend, astronomer Felix Ivanovich Bushevym. My long-standing cooperation with the Observatory was known to Mykolaiv from my books on Pushkin, where I proved that the first director of the observatory, K. Kh. Knorre was a prototype of Lensky when he created “Eugene Onegin” here. Because of this, the poet thrice secretly came to Mykolayiv to talk and inspire here “soul directly ghettingen.” By this, incidentally, the poet told in a fairy tale about Tsar Saltan.

But it turned out that it was not a very simple task to look at the telescope on the moon. It is desirable that there should be a clear sky, it is desirable that the moon rose sufficiently above the horizon for observation, and that it was not passing day and night. At the moment, only on the evening of June 18, managed to go all three parameters. At first, it was planned to take no more than 10 people (from the video it will be clear why), but when they have come to the end, how can you refuse their children, parents and beloved friends …123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930

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