12th issue “Apocryphalogy History of Ukraine”: “Apocryphology of the History of Atlantis”

12Атлантида_In the sequel of 10 issues of the popular science series “Apocryphology of the history of Ukraine” came the 12th issue, dedicated to the key issue – where was Atlantis located?

The main testimony of Atlantis is “Timaeus” and “Critius” of Plato’s Dialogues. In all previous editions of “Apocryphal History of Ukraine”, it was proved that Plato is the pseudonym of Homer, which was baptized by her great-grandfather, the Cimmerian king, Ariste Prokonesky. All the Cimmerians-founders of ancient culture considered themselves descendants of the Atlanteans, and evidence of this passed from generation to generation. The first about Atlantis was told in Athens by Ariste Prokoonesky in 691 BC.

And although at that time he was one of the nine rulers of Hellas, his story was not perceived because at that time Atlantis was in charge of Greece. When he died, he passed the testimony of Cleopatra, which attracted Homer in 11 years. Then Homer collected the testimony of Atlantis in Egypt for 7 years. Before the death, in 591 BC Cleopatra handed over to Homer, and he died after death in 581 BC. Handed over their works on Atlantis Anacharsis. All attempts to print under the pseudonyms these testimonies of Atlantis in Athens were broken by Salon in that “the barbarians could not manage Greece.” In the book for the first time in the history of mankind analyzed hidden texts in “Timaeus” and “Critias” methods of apocryphology. It was found out that the secret texts were written by a son of Homer Anacharsis after the death of his father, carefully using the works of Cleopatra and Homer. Beginning from 599 BC after meeting with Solon Anacharsis, wrote on his birthday a poem that seemed to be his name, in which there were hidden texts (see verse 6, “Apocryphology …”). In 578 BC Anacharsis solos Solon on the day of his birth September 4 to “give” Timaeus as if it were written. He got acquainted and on the second day, he wished that there was thrown a mention of Homer as an author from there. Further, on the basis of the analysis of the hidden poems of Olympus and Pean, both works began to disappear where Atlantis was located, and as Anacharsisu, 116 years later, it was possible to print the testimony of Atlantis.

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