Autograph of Achilles

Abstract: This article refers to the answer to the Homeric question. Was there actually a single Homer and the world described by him, or is it fiction? If there was, can we expect to find autographs of Homer and his environment in inscriptions on hard materials, for example? Over the past 200 years, archaeologists have found more than 1000 lapidary inscriptions on theNorthern Black Sea coast. Specialists have read the texts, but no signatures of Homer and his team were found. The open texts of the inscriptions were written mostly for the sake of hidden texts. This article presents an example decryption of the contents of one of the works signed by Achilles on lead plate that was found on theisland ofBerezan’ (Ukraine). A comparison of the data regarding the first Scythian Olympics on July 17, 628 BC, which is included in the letter from Achilles with the same information contained in hidden hymn texts of Homer’s “The Hermes” is performed. The reality of the chronology of Homer is confirmed by using as an example a description of a solar eclipse on September 30, 609 BC, from the latent texts of third song of the “Iliad” and comparing it with astronomical calculations from NASA.

Keywords: Homeric question, Olympiad, lapidary inscriptions, hidden texts


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