Five avtograpes of the Homer

Summary: “Article concerns to the decision of a Homeric question. Whether there was actually a Homer and the world described by him or it is an encirclement? If existed, whether that it is possible to expect a find of his autographes or his encirclement? The answer to this question inscriptions on firm materials. For last 200 years by archeologists in Northern Black Sea Coast it is found more than 1000 lapidary inscriptions. Their texts experts was read, but in them are not present any signature of the Homer. It has appeared, that clear texts of inscriptions were written basically for the sake of the latent texts. Here the example of decoding of the contents of the latent texts in five of 477 found out autographes of the Homer on a marble and a stone found on island Berezan’ (Ukraine) is resulted. Comparison of the data resulted in autographes of the Homer, to the same data in the latent texts of “Illiada” and “Odyssey” is lead. It is proved, that the chronology of the events described in different sources (in lapidary inscriptions and repeatedly copied texts) coincides to within one day. It is shown, that all five monuments are conceived by the Homer as a pantheon, devoted and destructions of brother-twin Ahill, their mother, and to his Muse. It is proved to that the latent texts of all of 5 monuments are connected by the common, uniting them acro-meso-tele-verses. Monuments are created by the Homer on island Berezan’ (Ukraine) with 609 for 608 BC. Also are dated to 50th anniversary him and Achill. “

5Autographes of Homer.pdf

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