Mykolaiv poems of Pushkin in music

December 15, 2019, in the Lutheran Circus within the 83rd season of the Mykolaiv Regional Philharmonic held a concert “Pushkin in Music”. The concert program featured opera arias and romances by O. Pushkin. Philharmonic soloists participated in the concert: Victoria Osadcha (mezzo-soprano), Gennady Shulgin (tenor), Denis Misanchuk (bass-baritone), Irina Azimova (piano), Olga Sytnik (violin). The concert was attended by musicologist Olena Kuzmina and Sergei Gololobov.

Musical part of the script of the concert – Victoria Osadcha, historical canvas – Anatoly Zolotukhin. The poems of O. Pushkin, about three prominent women of Sophia Pototskaya (the mysterious love of the poet), Elizabeth Ksavierivna Vorontsova and Anna Petrovna Sontag, the first Mykolaiv writer, who wrote books for children, were heard in the romances. For the first time, the romances “Desired Fire Burns” and “Night” were performed, as dedicated to A.P. Sontag, whose poems were written in Mykolaiv in October 1823.

The exhibition featured 16 books by A. Zolotukhin, including articles in two volumes of the academic edition of the Onegin Encyclopedia (M., 1999, 2004), devoted to the topic of Pushkin’s relations with Mykolaiv and copies of pages from Pushkin’s manuscripts, which were filled in here the poet, including the beginning of Tatiana’s letter to Onegin from the novel “Eugene Onegin.”


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