Opera House of Olga Didusenko-Paliy!

On June 19, 2018, an extraordinary event took place at the Mykolayiv College of Musical Art (MCMA) – the birth of the opera theatre of Olga Didusenko-Paliy! The premiere of the comic opera for one act V.A. Mozart “The Director of the Theater” (libretto by G. Stefani, translation by M. Pavlova). Performers – students of the MCMA: Frank – Oleg Miroshnichenko; Buff – Eugene Sylnytskiy; Euler – Zachariy Paliy; Madam Pfeil – Anastasia Garmatyuk; Madame Crown – Daria Kolysan; Madame Vogelzant – Veronika Makushina; Madame Hertz – Victoria Shamans’ka; Mademoiselle Zilberklang – Anastasia Gart. Concertmaster – Natalia Maltseva. Directed by Olga Didusenko-Pali.

Watch the opera video, listen to these young, powerful and beautiful voices. Pay attention to their costumes, the thoughtful scenario of moving actors in this small hall and how voices are cast, as organically and loosely moving performers. Listen to the harmony in which the voices of all young performers in the final bands are heard, and you will understand the tremendous work performed by Olga Pali during the education of these young and certainly talented students! The criterion for the quality of this invisible (and this is also a sign of quality!) work is that the opera was held in one breath with the support of viewers, fascinated by the game and the singing of the actors. Four years ago I wrote (“Golden Voices of Ukraine“) in this hall the performance of eight students of Olga Ivanovna, of which only two appeared in this opera, while the rest were released. You are ready for the opera house in Mykolayiv! Without exaggeration, we can say that Mozart’s ingenious frivolity has come to life in the hands of young teachers of the teacher, who teach them first of all their own example! And this was the second in this season, the triumph of Olga Ivanovna Didowsenko-Paliy after a wonderful performance at the concert “VIVA OPERA Concerto di Famiglia: Alexander Yaschenko, Olga and Zahariy Paliy – family trio!”                                                                             “We are few chosen, the lucky ones are free,                                                                      What disadvantages are dismissed                                                                                    The only wonderful priests”. A. Pushkin

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